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Our Team 



R.I.P Jeri 2021 

Eternal Pizza Cat. 




Slave driver.

Secretly does most of the work. 

I.T specialist, 

Money Cat. 

Professional printer sitter. 





I established in Kittipilla 2007, it used to be the name of my clothing line but now I just make dolls! Based in Wollongong Australia, I have been doll making since I was a child and all my dolls are still made with love and care the old fashioned way. My designs and style have changed dramatically over the last few years but I'm more passionate about them now than I ever had been anything else! 
Once upon a time I had small store that was opened in July 2012 and was awesome! But due to a series of unfortunate events the store was closed in June 2014. I showcased with RAW natural born artists in August 2013 and 2014 in Wollongong, doing runway shows for my clothing lines. 
Below are some pictures of my journey through doll making, pictures of my shop when it was open and some of the clothing I made 😊 
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