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How to Take Care of Me! 

  • We are not for children. -Kittipilla art dolls are not intended for children or playing. Posing and handling should be limited as they are still fragile and repetitive movements may cause the internal wire skeleton to be damaged.

  • We like to stay clean. -The best place to keep your doll is in glass cabinet away from dust. I recommend using a lint roller to help keep them dust free. I often will use the lint roller a little on my shirt first so its not as intensely sticky. Just make sure to be very careful with dolls that fluff of any kind (like ear fluffs or big manes). And never soak or wet your doll unless it is for a tiny spot clean, then I recommend using a cotton tip. 

  • We should be kept out of direct sun light. -Although the felt is colour fast, glue is used in many parts of the doll and in direct sun light it may soften and loose its position. The last thing you want is the main features of your doll melting off! ​​



  • We should be kept away from pets. -The smell of wool felt is often enticing to cats and dogs. I recommend keeping your doll somewhere your pets can not access it as I have seen too many felt treasures absolutely destroyed by pets :( 

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