Patreon Snail Mail 

Here you will find a more detailed explanation of how the Snail Mail works on my Patreon Page :)

Snail mail is a physical reward on my Patreon page where each quarter you will receive a letter about the lore in Chimera and a mix of clothing, 

accessories and fun paper goods. 


Snail Mail is sent in a three month cycle, after the end of the billing period. You must be signed up to the Snail Mail for a minimum of 3 months before you receive your first Mail as the value is spread across this period. International Snail Mail is slightly more expensive to cover the cost of postage. Patreon bills the first few days of each month. 


If you're interested in signing up to Snail Mail I recommend signing up in March, June, September or December at the end of the cycle. So then you're not paying for months that you'll miss put on. 

If you have any questions about Snail Mail please don't hesitate to contact us :) 

Snail Mail explained copy.png