Serpentine Dolls


​These voluptuous babes have bendable knees and elbows, made possible with armature wire. As well as having button jointed hips and bead shoulders. They stand at 30cm (11.5" ) tall and are gorgeous! Their body is 100% hand sewn with glass eyes. 

Serpentine Dolls are priced individually per design as they are more detailed than my Classic Dolls and most will have removable clothes which are priced per item. I can also make accessories to go with them. Almost anything is possible! Just contact us with your idea and we can give you a quote. 


Doll Prices 

dolls prices.jpg

Nude Base Dolls are nude with eyes, eyelashes and mouth detail. 

Base Dolls includes 2 clothing items eg. dress and jacket, undergarments, shoes and hair.

Specially Designed Doll are dolls that have a customised body, extra fancy clothes or head piece. .   


Clothing & Accessories   

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To find out how I take orders, what turn over times currently are and updates clink the 'More information' link below to find out about ordering.