Meet Samanta the Strigoi.  Inspired by the Ancients from The Strain. Samanta will be the only punk at her high school prom. 


Her body is acrylic felt with an armature wire skeleton that is all sewn by hand, she has glass eyes and real suede shoes and belt. Her arms bend at the elbow and her legs bend at the knee. Her shoulders and hips are button jointed and also posable. She has wire in her neck so her head can move up and down slightly. Her dress it cotton tartan with pleats front and back and removable with press studs. She has red floral panties on too, which are removable with elastic. 

Her shoes are removable if you wish but she can stand on her own without the doll stand while wearing shoes.


A dolls stand is included as well as a free gift and certificate of authenticity  :)  

Samanta Strigoi ~Serpentine

$180.00 Regular Price
$144.00Sale Price