Poke Carnival Sticker Pack, you can choose to buy the full set or individual Pokemon. 

The set includes one of each:

Psyduck Duck Pond   ~6.5 x8cm 

Magicarp Prize Bag ~8.2 x 5.5cm  

Jigglyfloss  ~6 x 5.4cm    

Drifloon Kite  ~9 x 8cm  

Pika Pop Corn  ~7.3 x 6cm  

And two mini Admittance Tickets  ~3.8 x 4


These stickers are handmade by myself I print them and cut them on my die-cutting machine. The original drawings are drawn on blending card with Copic markers, and they are printed onto gloss sticker paper, so they are not waterproof but are of high quality :) 

Poke Carnival ~ Sticker Pack