Lily & Millie the conjoined twins.  

These two are another remake of a doll I made 10 years ago! Lily is on the left with the up-do and Millie is on the right with luscious curls.


Their arms bend at the elbow and legs bend at the knee with armature wire. Their shoulders and hips are button jointed and also posable. They have small wires in their necks so their heads can move up and down slightly. Their dress emerald satin however it is greener than it may appear in the pictures, as it's hard to capture the true colour of it. Adorned with small ribbon roses, their gown is completely hand sewn and non- removable. It has a lace overlay as well as lace edging and has a soft tulle underskirt. 


Lily & Millie's body is made from acrylic felt and stuffed with poly stuffing. Their eyes are real glass and their hair is made from yarn wefts. Their shoes are removable if you wish but they can stand on their own without the doll stand while wearing shoes.


Dolls stand is included as well as a free gift :)  

Lily & Millie