Rarely ever seen this captivating Candelabra can be found wondering the catacombs and secret church passageways. How she originated has been lost in time. Folk tales talk about her ever present dim glow just around the corner. 


Standing at 33cm tall to the top of her candles this Serpentine Doll has a whole world of personality. She has posable elbows and knees as well as button joint shoulders and hips for movable arms and legs. Her body is 100% hand sewn with her dress sewn on machine. Her body is made from acrylic felt and stuffed with poly stuffing. Her arms, legs and neck have an inner armature wire skeleton. Her candles are made from polymer clay all glued in place. The dress is made from satin, lace, cotton and ribbon with hand painted details, it is also removable. She has panties, socks and shoes as well. Her hair is made from acrylic yarn all heat curled. She has small amounts of make up detail and eyelashes. 


I designed this doll as part of Mabgraves Drawlloween last October. She comes with a certificate of authenticity and secret gift!

Ember ~Candelabra~ Serpentine