This little Daruma Doll is 100% hand sewn. It's only 4cm tall. The Kanji on its tummy reads "Good fortune " in Japanese, so hopefully it'll bring its new owner some luck! Made from acrylic felt with poly stuffing, all the details are stitched by hand including the Kanji with is stitched with three tone embroidery thread. The pins are secured on the inside with a large metal base and glue. Having two butterfly pins keeps the brooch centered and gives it extra security. 


In Japan the Daruma doll is a symbol of good luck. It helps to remind the owner of their goal and to continue to persevere through the year. Maybe you want to save money for a new car or finish your uni class, let Daruma be your guide to perseverance and luck!


To keep our felt brooches from pilling spray with a coat of hair spray. The felt will form a hardened protective layer that will help keep it from pilling and slightly repel dust. please note that the felt will not be soft to the touch any longer but will look just the same! 

Daruma Red & Marigold~Brooch