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Cypress is number 39 in my Chimera line of dolls. He stands at 26.5cm (10.4”) tall to the tops of his ears. He is fully posable. His body is completely handsewn from 100% wool felt, sourced in Australia and made from predominantly Australian merino wool. Cypress has a main et is his right hand so that he can hold his little joint, so it is optional. Cypress’s features are all needle felted, even his little claws are made from felt. He is stuffed with recycled poly stuffing which supports the armature wire frame. His t-shirt is hand painted to imitate tie-dye, it has snaps down the back and can be removed if you wanted to change his clothes. Cypress’s eyes are glass. Cypress can not stand on his own so has a doll stand included with him. As with all my dolls he comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


Cypress is an art doll and is not intended for children. Posing and handling should be limited as he is still fragile :) You can use a lint roller to help keep him dust free. I often will use the lint roller a little on my shirt first so its not as intensely sticky. 


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