Lay-Buy Plans 

For orders over $50 AUD. Pay half when you make your order then a second payment a fortnight (2 weeks) later

2 Weeks 

For orders over $100. Pay 1/4 when you make your order then 3 payments after, one each fortnight (2 weeks). 

6 Weeks

For orders over $200. Pay 1/6 when you make your order then 5 payments after one each fortnight (2 weeks). 

10 Weeks

Lay-Buy Plans allow you to pay off your unique handmade doll order over a period of time. 


How do I get a Lay-Buy? 

1. Contact us telling us what items you would like from the shop or if you want a custom doll.

2. We will confirm the order and give you options of Lay-Buy length as well as take your details and confirm shipping costs.

3. You can make first payment through PayPal.

4. We will contact you letting you know each fortnight when your payment is due.

5. When all payments have been made we will ship your doll to you :)