LayAway International & Custom 

For orders over $100 AUD. Pay half when you make your order then a second payment a fortnight (2 weeks) later

For orders over $200. Pay 1/4 when you make your order then 3 payments after, one each fortnight (2 weeks). 

For orders over $400. Pay 1/6 when you make your order then 5 payments after one each fortnight (2 weeks). 

Lay-Buy Plans allow you to pay off your unique handmade doll order over a period of time. 


How do I get a Lay-Away? 

1. Contact us telling us what items you would like from the shop or if you want a custom doll.

2. We will confirm the order and give you options of LayAway length as well as take your details and confirm shipping costs.

3. We will make a custom listing for you, and you can pay your way. 

4. We will contact you letting you know each fortnight when your payment is due, and there will be a custom listing just for you. 

5. When all payments have been made we will ship your doll to you :) 

2 Weeks 

6 Weeks

10 Weeks