Classic Dolls

Doll Prices 


Starting prices 

Small     9cm ~ 3.5"         $45

Medium  15cm ~ 5.9".     $60

Large      18cm ~ 7.0"      $75

Giant        25cm ~9.8"     $100



Starting Prices 

One size only 

11cm ~ 4.3"                 $60


There are certain designs I will not be able to make in the Mini size as it's just too small. Things like detailed dresses and layered clothing may need to be simplified. 

Standing Animals & Pokemon 

Starting Prices 

Small                        $55

Medium                    $70

Large                        $90

Pumpkin Bulbasaur 

Small                        $75

Medium                   $90

Large                       $115


To find out how I take orders, what turn over times currently are and updates clink the 'More information' link below to find out about ordering. 

Animals & Pokèmon