Classic Dolls

Doll Prices 


These prices are a starting price. They vary depending upon detail and materials required. 


Small      16cm ~ 6"         $50+

Medium  21cm ~ 8"         $70+

Large      30cm ~ 11.5"    $95+

Giant      44cm ~ 17"     $130+


Small     9cm ~ 3.5"        $35

Medium   14cm ~ 5".   $45

Large       19cm~ 7.4"    $60

Giant                             $100

Some patterns have not yet been measured.




One size only 

11cm ~ 4.3"                 $50


There are certain designs I will not be able to make in the Mini size as its just too small. Things like detailed dresses and layered clothing are better suited to Medium People dolls or Serpentine dolls.  

To find out how I take orders, what turn over times currently are and updates clink the 'More information' link below to find out about ordering. 

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